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Lizush shower steamer sample pack preorder

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🚿Shower steamer preorder🚿

A lot of you ladies expressed interest! So I am opening a shower steamer preorder

This will be a 4 pack sample $24 shipped. These retail at $7 each plus shipping but I am trying to knock off as much cash as I can. These aren’t a money maker just fun!

They are limited... I can only get so many in a box 🙂

Each pack will get- 2'' x 2'' with essential oils
1 lavender
1 lemongrass
1 mint
1 eucalyptus

How to use a shower steamer:
place your desired Shower steamer in the shower and let it do the rest. You may use the Shower Steamer as a body scrub or a foot scrub
100% Natural,never tested on animals,No artificial fragrance/color, Does not contain toxins. Great for all that dont have a bath or just no time for one.

They smell soooooo good.

I am ordering this so they will ship in about a week. The owner is super fast shipper- and super duper sweet. I love supporting other small shops!