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Sunset Smoothie

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Sunset Smoothie: Two of my favorite things all swirled together into one shoe! My perfect smoothie would have yogurt and ice all blended together with peaches, pineapples and strawberries. Think of that colorful concoction and you’ll be pretty close the the color palette on these beautiful shoes. Peach and yellow and salmon all on a white unprecedentedly soft base leather. Think traditional leather but worked to a thinner thickness. These shoes are like HEAVEN on your foot

⭐️This preorder will not to arrive until the end of April early May. Sometimes production is delayed based on things out of our control such as customs and weather delays. 

⭐️they come in sizes 5-12 (no half sizes)

⭐️they are true to size. If a half size, the general rule is to size up if have wide feet or round up to your nearest whole size 🙂

⭐️feel free to email ( or PM me on fb any questions

⭐️Shipping is 3.50 dollars per order- free shipping for orders over $75 :)

⭐️These shoes are created with a soft, pliable leather and come with a padded inner sole and an outer Rubber Sole. Most people report that they are comfortable right away.

⭐️SINCE THESE ARE SPECIAL ORDER WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A SAME COLOR EXCHANGE IF YOUR SHOES DO NOT FIT. You have 7 days from arrival of your order to exchange. It must be in unworn like new condition.

⭐️We recommend when your shoes arrive that you wear them around your house for a bit before wearing them out. Each pair is hand sewn so there can be a slight variation in the feel. We cannot exchange or return shoes that are not in new condition!

Thank you so much! We hope you love them!